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Magnetic Island


  • Cairns --> Townsville (5hr 30min)

  • Townsville --> Magnetic Island (Ferry)

My Experience

My travels down to Magnetic Island went smoothly and although it was about five and a half hours on the bus it was really nice to just sit and think. I sat and listened to music the entire time, a mix of my Australia playlist (which you can find in my previous upload) and tropical house music. Luckily nobody was sat in the seat next to me so I was able to put my feet up, sit back and just relax a little bit.

I spent the best part of the bus journey dreaming about the possibilities of my trip, who I would meet, who I would catch up, the sort of interactions I would have with strangers. I let my mind wonder down streams of random thought, I was just very excited. My adventure was just about to start.

I booked by ferry and hostel together through Sealink, it included 2 nights at Nomads Magnetic Island hostel and a return ticket on the ferry between Townsville and the island, with all that the booking came to $140. The Greyhound bus drops you outside the Sealink Terminal which is really helpful and then you can catch the bus from the ferry terminal to the hostel. My only advice is to make sure you have cash for the bus as they don't take card payments so you will need money on you physically. It was very easy to get from the bus onto the island and too the hostel, a lot easier than I expected to be honest.

Once I made it to the hostel I met a group of British people, some of which I was sharing a room with as well as a girl from the Netherlands. I was actually her who gave me the idea to start a blog, she had been doing one for a while and it seemed like a nice way to document what I've been doing.

On the first evening we went to bingo night which was hosted by the hostel. My friend Maja who I had met when working in Port Douglas had previously worked and lived at Nomads before moving further north. She told me that I should definitely go to the bingo night which was on a Thursday as it was the best social night at the hostel, it just so happened that I was there on that day.

It was a very fun night, we were all dancing on tables and there were so many deals on drinks throughout as we all tried to win the bingo rounds. It was a whole evening full of meeting new people, drinking and laughing at what was known as the 'Bingo Bitch' who ran around giving out raffle tickets and being punished in random ways for other peoples bingo mistakes.

Despite having so much fun it really was an eye opener as to how little I like to drink compared to other people, it really isn't a priority for me the same way as others. I just prefer having good company and interesting conversations, I really enjoy that I don't rely on alcohol to have a good time. I do enjoy having a few but being drunk is not a feeling I enjoy or tend to pursue.

The next day we all rented cars together which was really fun, I was also able to drive in Australia again as we explored the island. I saw my first ever wild koala which was so surreal, I had seen them in wildlife sanctuaries before but it felt different.

It was doing the Fort Walk that we saw it, it is a known place for koalas to seen as people leave sticks in arrows in the direction of them for others to see them. It also has a really lovely lookout towards a small bay further round the island which was very pretty.

We explored Horseshoe Bay which had a really nice beach as well as a few places to eat, we treated ourselves to an ice cream as we walked around. I do wish I had done it by myself a little bit, nothing against the others they were so lovely and fun, I just feel like this trip I am excited to do things by myself and spend more time with myself.

I feel like since being in Australia I have made a lot of progress and grown in ways I didn't expect. It has definitely helped me heal a lot from the past few years with COVID and other things that have happened in my life. I also want to take a moment to just appreciate how much Jamie, my housemate in Port Douglas, helped me. She really was a blessing I never saw coming, she knew how to nudge me in the right direction and was always so honest with me. She felt written into my story and is someone I now consider a dear friend.

I just went off on a tangent but on the second day we went to feed the Rock Wallabies down at Geoffrey Bay, they come out from about 5-8pm. We went just before the sun went down and spent our time feeding them carrots and apples before it got fully dark. They move so fast, which was something I didn't expect, but the baby ones were so so cute.

In the afternoon I had gotten a message from Jane, someone who I had met very briefly when I was in Port Douglas. She was currently living in Magnetic Island and asked if I fancied going for a drink. Despite not knowing her well at all I decided to go as when I first met her she had been so lovely and realistically I had nothing better to do.

We ended up having such an amazing time, we went for a jug of margarita at the place she had just started working and then to the hostel for a few more drinks. We got on so well and conversation was so easy, we talked about anything and everything but especially about where we thought we were in our lives and our goals for the next few months. She was someone who I could bounce ideas off and ask for a genuine opinion, it was nice to be around someone so open and easy to connect to when we spoke. It felt like the start of a really beautiful friendship, albeit a distanced one.

I wrote this entry originally in Airlie Beach, in a park by the ocean laying in the sun before getting on a nearly 15 bus to Rainbow Beach where I would be heading next.

Magnetic Island was a really fun and eye opening experience, it allowed me to reflect on my time and relationships I had made in Port Douglas. It was a good place to set the tone and intentions for my trip down the East Coast as well, figuring out how social I wanted to be and knowing when I wanted to do things on my own.

Hostel Review

Name: Nomads Magnetic Island (formerly Base)

Room: 6 bed mixed dorm

Value for Money: 7/10

Social: 8/10

Location: 8/10

Cleanliness: 7/10

Overall Review:

The hostel itself was very social and it was really easy to meet people as the hostel organised lots of different activities for us. Despite this I do feel like there wasn't as much of a social attitude compared to some of the other hotels I have stayed in on this trip. It also wasn't as clean as some other hostels I have experienced but its a hostel, it did the job.

Things to do

  • Horseshoe Bay

  • Rock Wallabies at Geoffrey Bay

  • Rent a Car

  • Social events at the hostel in the evenings

  • Forts Walk


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