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East Coast Itinerary

After living in Port Douglas since October 2022 its time to get back on the move!

So considering I am up north, just past Cairns, I will be travelling south down the east coast of Australia with my final destination being Melbourne.

I will hopefully be doing an entry for every place I visit along the way, which will contain what I did, who I met etc. I will be trying to give as much detail as I can so hopefully you guys will enjoy!

I thought my first entry might as well be an outline of where I am going and for how long, so here it is.

The Journey

Wed 03/05/23

  • Port Douglas to Cairns (1hr)

  • Fitzroy Island with Cristina

Thurs 04/05/23

  • Cairns to Townsville (5hr 30min)

  • Ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island

Sat 06/05/23

  • Townsville to Airlie Beach (4hr 30min)

Mon 08/05/23 - Tue 09/05/23

  • Airlie Beach to Rainbow Beach (14hr 50min)

Wed 10/05/23

  • Ferry from Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island

Fri 12/05/23

  • Fraser Island to Rainbow Beach

Sat 13/05/23

  • Rainbow Beach to Noosa (2hr 40min)

Tue 16/05/23

  • Noosa to Brisbane (2hr 10min)

Thurs 28/05/23

  • Brisbane to Byron Bay (3hr)

Sun 21/05/23 - Mon 22/05/23

  • Byron Bay to Sydney (13hr 45min)

Mon 29/05/23 to Tue 30/05/23

  • Sydney to Melbourne (12hr)

The Ticket

The journey I have outlined above is all being undertaken by bus, in Australia there is a bus company called Greyhound Buses which offers different tickets. The one I bought lasts 30 days and is called the East Coast Whimit Pass, which ultimately allows me to go up and down the east coast as much as I want and I can book all my trips ahead of time.

The pdf below outlines the journey the bus takes all the way down the coast, I obviously won't be doing all the stops but gives a good look at just how far I will be travelling.

If I remember correctly the ticket cost me just under $400 AUD which at this moment in time converts to £213.78. Once I calculated how many miles I will be putting under my belt by the end of the trip it was a no brainer.

Download PDF • 657KB

A Review

Now that I am a good way into my travelling I'd argue the bus pass was definitely worth the money and that despite some of the journeys being 14hr+ there are enough stops for food and toilet breaks that they really aren't as bad as you'd imagine.

Don't get me wrong nothing about it is luxurious but it is the best way to get around and the one that makes the most sense as you can fly from big city to the next you can't fly to the smaller towns along the way despite how big the country is.

I have yet to have a bad experience on a Greyhound bus, touch wood, however I have heard a few horror stories. A girl I met in Magnetic Island told me that the luggage compartment door came loose at one point in their journey to Airlie Beach from Rainbow Beach (nearly a 15 hour journey) and some of the passengers luggage fell out of the bus. It was only half an hour later that the driver noticed and turned back. When they finally found where they lost the luggage it was all across the road, suitcases open, everything destroyed.

A few people on that bus lost all the belongings they had with them in Australia. If that had been me I would have broken down on the spot, everything you own, bar your carry on, gone. The girl even showed me pictures of it laying across the road.

Thankfully I've been very lucky and had good experiences all round but realistically it could happen to anyone. Despite this horror story I do think it is still the best way to travel up and down the east coast, it is also extremely flexible as you can book and cancel trips on your ticket whenever you want within the days it extends to.

The Numbers

So my trip officially started on Wednesday 03/05/23 and finishes 06/06/23.

On the Greyhound Bus I will have officially travelled approximately 2,248 miles from Cairns down to Melbourne.

The amount of time spent travelling on these buses adds up to 1 day 16hr (40hr).

On this journey a grand total of 9 different places will have been explored along the way.

We have only just begun. . .

Now that I have outlined my trip I will be continuing to upload new entries with accounts of my time in each place along the way.

My aim for this blog is to keep my friends and family updated with what I am up to including all the juicy details I might miss out in our calls or messages. If you have discovered my blog, welcome, I hope you stick around for the journey as well and it provides you with some kind of entertainment.

Feel free to read a little bit more about me in on the About page, it might give you a bit more insight as to how I managed to get myself where I am now.

Over and out for now lads, stay happy and healthy see you in the next upload.

Sami x


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