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Australia Playlist. . .thus far

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog!

This post is going to be focused on my favourite songs that I have discovered and have been religiously listening to since I began my time here down under.

I do have an official Australia playlist on my Spotify which you can find in the link down below, I hope you enjoy and maybe find something new you might like.

I am also starting a song of the month series, so I'm attempting to play catch up and give you guys a solid list before I keep things up to date from here on out.

For context I started my Aussie adventure back in October 2022 so I've had some time to curate this list.

These songs are in no particular order they just happen to be some of my favourites but I will be adding the date they were added into my playlist, enjoy.


25/10/22 seaside - oneheart, Tokyomane


05/11/22 Miss You - south star

07/11/22 Quit Quitting - NOT A TOY

16/11/22 Blooms - AFTRHR


01/12/22 how deep? - Tai Verdes

07/12/22 Coffee - Memphis L

26/12/22 Infinity Pools - The Technicolors


02/01/23 Out of My League - Fitz and the Trantrums

10/01/23 Red Velvet - R5, New Beat Fund

17/01/23 Pleasure - Betcha

01/02/23 where i wanna be found - NEEVE


05/02/23 ON 10 - DESTIN CONRAD

12/02/23 touch tank - quinnie

28/02/22 I Want It All - COIN


15/03/23 Tripping Over Air - Aiden Bisset

25/03/23 Go Down - Don Toliver, TisaKorean


03/04/23 GROWING UP IS _____ - Ruel

08/04/23 Fantasy - Kali Uchis, Don Toliver

16/04/23 LAND OF THE FIRE - Kordhell


05/05/23 In Your Body - ¿Téo?

06/05/23 Closer - RM, Paul Blanco, Mahalia

I hope you enjoy some of these songs, there is definitely a good mix here. If anyone has any recommendations for me feel free to shoot me a message! I'm always down to find new music.

That's all for this post guys, stay safe and look after yourselves.

Sami x


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