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Airlie Beach


  • Townsville --> Airlie Beach (4hr 30min)

My Experience

Airlie Beach was beautiful.

I arrived in the evening and didn’t really fancy going out as I was pretty tired so ended up eating a pot noodle which induced uni flashbacks before settling for the night and reading a little bit.

In the morning I went across the road to a Night Owl and managed to get breakfast for ridiculously cheap before going to the park to eat overlooking the water, it was peaceful and was the perfect way to start the day. I spent about an hour just sitting and enjoying the surroundings, eating my breakfast and thinking to myself just how lucky I was to be experiencing what is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The weather was also absolutely stunning, not too hot or cold and the sun was out

and bright, which was perfect for the boat trip I was going on that day out onto the Whitsundays.

That day on the boat was a different kind of relaxation. I spent the morning out to the islands laying at the front of the boat eating fruit enjoying the sun. I don’t think it could have gotten any better. The water was really calm as we headed out to Langford Island, I spent the time getting to know a few of the others on the boat who I would be spending the day with, there was a great mix of younger and older people who were all there just to have a good time and contributed a lot to how much I enjoyed myself that day.

Our day on the boat consisted of exploring Langford Island which is very small but no less beautiful, snorkelling the reef and even a banana boat. Watching grown adults attempt to stay on a banana boat was actually super funny and also really fun. We dived and jumped off the boat and also spent the late afternoon drinking as the sun went down.

I spoke to an older lady on the boat who lived not far from Byron Bay, where I would be in a just over a week, she gave me her contact details and told me to give her a call when I was there. Spoiler alert, I did, but you will find out about that in my Byron Bay entry.

Whilst I was in Airlie Beach I caught up with Luke! We caught the same flights out to Australia together and spent out initial days in Surfers Paradise together, I hadn’t seen him since October when I had left to go to Port Douglas to start working. It was so so nice to see a familiar face and compare our last 7 or so months in Australia, which were very different. It was a lovely feeling to be around someone who felt like a proper friend, familiar and warm.

It gave me some insight into what travelling is about, you meet so many people and we are all coming and going on our own beautiful journeys with no clue if you will ever see each other again. You spend moments together, which turn into important memories with a stranger who turn to a friend in a matter of minutes. Being able to see one of the people who have helped sculpt my experience in Australia again after so long was really heart-warming and feels amazing.

We sat and had a drink, talking about all the things that have happened, mostly gossip, our love lives and some of the crazy things we have experienced since we last saw each other. We ended up going for a little walk around town and a Maccas stop before I turned in for the night, it had been an amazing but very long day.

The next day I checked out of the hostel and went to Night Owl again for my breakfast and sat in the same spot as the day before, once again it was a beautiful day. I spent my afternoon walking round town exploring all the different boutiques, getting some sushi and laying in the park before my nearly 15 hour overnight bus to Rainbow Beach that evening.

I was expecting the bus to be awful but it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. We stopped a few times to get food and go to the toilet but I mostly used the time to stretch my legs after being in a seat for so long. I was sat next to a really lovely girl and we ending up watching the new Queen Charlotte tv show and sharing snacks most of the night.

Overall Airlie Beach was so amazing, I would definitely go back to explore more of the islands as well as recommending it to everyone, it truly was one of the highlights of my trip despite the fact I was only there for a couple days.

My next entry will be about my time in Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island, which I know a few of you are excited about (aka Ole and Dani). I am trying to stagger entries to about two a week I think so it will be posted next week. Be sure to check my Instagram story for notifications as to when I post!

Until then I hope everyone has a lovely rest of the week!

Sami x

Hostel Review

Name: Base Airlie Beach

Room: 4 bed mixed dorm

Value for Money: ?

Social: 8/10

Location: 8/10

Cleanliness: 7/10

Overall Review:

I can't say for sure whether or not it is good value for money as I didn't book the hostel nor did I pay for it as I had it included it covered by Global Work and Travel. The hostel was fairly social and everyone in my room was super lovely. I can't lie I didn't really explore the hostel past the kitchen and I didn't see it in daylight as I always out and busy. The room could have been cleaner however for 4 people it was massive, there was so much space so I couldn't complain on that front. Overall it was a decent hostel.

Things to do

  • so many boat trips!

  • Whitehaven Bay

  • so many islands

  • kayaking

  • body boarding

  • a few clubs? (I didn't go out)

  • boutiques galore

  • snorkelling on the reef


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